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NEW IMPRESSIONS: Apollo 11 Paths: Mare Tranquilitatis - Ted Ollier

14" x 11"

This piece is included in the New Impressions Exhibition on display at the museum July 14-September 30, 2020. There are a limited number of these prints available.

Artist Biography

Ted Ollier was born in the Midwest, lived in the South, and now resides in the Northeast. He has been a photographer, graphic designer, bass player, typographer, web pioneer, informational leafblower and armchair philosopher. He holds degrees from UT-Austin, Texas State, and MassArt. At present, he is a printmaker and conceptual artist working in the Boston community of Medford. He shows through 13Forest Gallery in Arlington, MA, and inde/jacobs in Marfa, TX. He teaches letterpress and printmaking through the Harvard Extension School at the Bow & Arrow Press in Cambridge, MA. He is President of the Cambridge Art Association and the owner of Reflex Letterpress, a letterpress studio in Charlestown, MA.His concerns are with data and its interaction with the consensus reality, and how that reality is affected and changed by that data. Although the didactic element of information transfer is always present in his work, his true focus is on revelation and enlightenment, and the joy of finding a previously-unnoticed detail in the landscape of life. He lives with a patent attorney, a small human, a chow mix and a red tabby. 

Description of Process

This letterpress print that depicts the markings in the lunar dust made by astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin as they moved around the surface of the Moon. The paths are marked in black, the surrounding crater field is depicted by embossed depressions in the paper.  

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