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Kinship Patterns: Tiny Houses

6 houses, largest size iiss 3 x 3 x 3.5"

This set of 6 tiny houses were letterpress printed using wood type in the museum collection. Each set is signed on the bottom by the artist. Each house is a little different, with its own character. You will get a mix of colors. Have fun nesting them together or have them all lined up.

The exhibition, Kinship Patterns, will hang in Hamilton's Gallery until March 30, 2019. Kinship is the web of social relationships that we form in our lives. There are many ways that we build community and this network can include both family and social connections. This act of tying yourself to others creates a sense of belonging and fellowship. There are many ways to look at these connections and through that exploration patterns and kin groups arise. In her work Stephanie Carpenter examines the way we create our own unique communities. 

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