This year's Wayzgoose is November 8-10, 2019 with registration opening in early July. This year's speakers include type designer Lynne Yun, fine press printer Russell Maret, stone cutter Nick Benson, Erik Spiekermann, letterpress printer Allison Chapman, filmmaker Justine Nagan, Celene Aubry of Hatch Showprint and many more. The Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum annual Wayzgoose type conference hosts designers, printers, typographers and letter geeks of all stripes from across the globe. It is a weekend filled with workshops, type talk and great speakers.


Paul Aken & Jennifer Farrell

Sunday Morning Featured Speakers
Platen Press Museum
Starshaped Press

Paul Aken is the owner and curator of the Platen Press Museum in Zion, Illinois. A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Paul attended Boys’ Technical and Trade high school where he majored in printing. Upon graduating in 1960, Paul went into the trade as an “apprentice” compositor at Arrow Press in Milwaukee. After three years in the trade Paul decided to attend college at Stout in Menomonie, Wisconsin. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Education in January of 1966 and his Master’s degree in Vocational Education in August of 1966. While attending Stout, Paul worked in the print shop every minute he was available. He married his wife Irene, a Stout graduate in 1965. They just celebrated their 53rd anniversary. Paul started teaching printing in Ohio, then moved to the Waukegan/Zion area where he taught Printing/Graphic Communications at Waukegan High School and the Lake County Area Vocational Center. He retired in 1994 and pursued his dream of opening up a letterpress museum. He lives that dream today. While teaching Paul was very active in the International Association of Printing House Craftsmen. After retirement Paul became involved with the Amalgamated Printers Association.

Since 1999, Jennifer Farrell has operated Starshaped Press in Chicago, focusing on printing everything from business cards and social stationery to music packaging and posters, as well as custom commissions and wholesale cards and prints. All work in the studio is done with metal and wood type, making Starshaped one of the few presses in the country producing commercial work while preserving antique type and related print materials. Jennifer’s work has been repeatedly recognized both in print and design blogs, and has appeared in poster shows throughout the USA and Europe.

In Conversation with Paul Aken of the Platen Press Museum

Hold on to your pica poles for this entertaining chat with one of the barons of letterpress collecting, Paul Aken! Long time friend, Jen Farrell, will introduce Paul and pepper him with questions designed to pull out the best of his stories from his initial love of printing and teaching to his decision to build the Platen Press Museum, in Zion, Illinois. Insightful and entertaining, Paul is a treasure of the letterpress community as well as a constant resource for equipment and knowledge.

Brian Bagdonas & Rebecca Gilbert

Saturday Breakout Session Presenters
C.C. Stern Type Foundry

Rebecca Gilbert has an interest in community organizing through print, and is a founding member and former Executive Director of the Independent Publishing Resource Center. Rebecca has taught workshops on letterpress printing, book making and zine publishing at various institutions in the United States. For over 25 years Brian Scott Bagdonas has dirtied his hands and subsequently dirtied keyboards in commercial print-shops and newspapers in Ohio, Arizona & Oregon. He operates a private press under the name "fiddleink" which focuses on types and ornamentation cast on his restored 1946 Model 31 Linotype machine. Brian and Rebecca are co-owners/operators at Stumptown Printers, a small job shop in Portland, Oregon. They are also both active Board members, founders, and volunteers at the C.C. Stern Type Foundry, and have received certificates for hot metal typecasting from Monotype University.

The Art of Industry: Hot Metal Typecasting at the C.C. Stern Type Foundry

The C. C. Stern Type Foundry is a non-profit organization and working museum dedicated to the art and industry of typecasting, built upon the legacy of typographer and letterpress artist, C. Christopher Stern. The Foundry provides a gathering place for type enthusiasts from all genres of study, and connects them with the Northwest’s rich printing history. As printers inspired by the traditions and culture of commercial printing, Brian and Rebecca share the story of how the foundry was established and the role it plays in the community.

Cathleen A. Baker

Saturday Breakout Session Presenter
The Legacy Press

Dr. Cathleen A. Baker’s Baskerville Virgil project was awarded the 2018 Katharine Pantzer Senior Fellowship from the Bibliographical Society of America. A paper and book conservator with more than 45-years’ experience, Cathy is the author of numerous articles and books, including By His Own Labor: The Biography of Dard Hunter (2000) and From the Hand to the Machine. Nineteenth-Century American Paper and Mediums: Technologies, Materials, and Conservation (2010). She has an MA in Art History from Syracuse University, and from the University of Alabama, an MFA in Books Arts and a PhD in Communication Studies. Cathy is also proprietor of the award-winning The Legacy Press, established in 1997, which specializes in publishing books about the printing, paper, and bookbinding arts.                                                

From the Hand to the Machine: New Discovery in the History of Papermaking

This talk focuses on the wove paper in John Baskerville’s Virgil (Birmingham, 1757), in which the first wove paper made in the West appeared, paper probably manufactured by James Whatman, Senior. When I first examined this paper, I was convinced that I was not looking at paper formed on a woven-wire screen, but rather made on cloth. I thought I could replicate the Virgil wove by placing cloth on top of a single-faced laid handmould, and subsequent experiments, carried out at the University of Iowa’s Center for the Book, proved that theory true.

Christian Bélanger

Friday Workshop Presenter and Saturday Breakout Session Presenter

Christian Bélanger was born in Montréal in 1977. He graduated in electric bass at Cégep de Saint-Laurent in 1997, in graphic design at Cégep du Vieux-Montréal in 2000 (recipient of the Au Mérite 1998–1999 scholarship), and in graphic design at Université du Québec à Montréal in 2003 (recipient of a mention of academic excellence). After his studies, he worked as a freelance and independent graphic designer, mainly in the cultural field with several artists, graphic design studios, publishing houses and other interesting clients. Christian’s work got recognized in different graphic design competitions and magazines, and was displayed at the 2007 “Les prix Grafika, 10 ans de graphisme au Québec” exhibition. In March 2011, hungry for new work experiences, he joined the Cégep Marie-Victorin graphic design department’s team of teachers to broaden his knowledge while helping students on their journey. In his free time, Christian enjoys practicing calligraphy, making music and spending time with his baby twins.

Fraktur Calligraphy Basics - Friday Hands-On Full Day Workshop

A one-day, hands on workshop with calligrapher Christian Bélanger. Participants will learn the fundamentals of Fraktur calligraphy and enjoy a presentation of the nuances and possibilities as Bélanger introduces the tools and discusses techniques used in his work. Students will receive calligraphy samples to take home that contain all of the theoretical information and alphabets used in the course.

Calligraphy: Back to Handmade Creation - Saturday Breakout Session

In his lecture, Christian will present his life path through his passion for letterforms, and how a computer overdose led him to go back to handmade creation using calligraphy. The lecture will be punctuated with some visual examples of his graphic design work (with emphasis on typography), a ton of his calligraphy work sparkled with a little bit of history, and the presentation of different calligraphy tools and techniques.

Ben Blount

Saturday Breakout Session Presenter
Ben Blount

Ben Blount was born and raised in Detroit. He is a designer and letterpress printer that loves type, teaching, and putting ink on paper. Sometimes he turns what he prints into books. His work explores questions of race and identity and the stories we tell ourselves about living in America. Truth tellers and rabble rousers in all areas of popular culture inspire his work—from Dave Chapelle and Kara Walker to Mos Def and Amos Kennedy. He learned a lot about design at Washington University in St. Louis, a lot about printing at Columbia College Chicago, and filled in the gaps with great mentors and increasingly consistent practice.

See Something, Say Something

Join designer and printer Ben Blount in conversation about the power of print to tell compelling stories. Blount will share the decade-long journey of his passionate side hustle: making stuff. In response to news, current events, and personal narratives, Blount creates work meant to educate, amuse, and provoke conversation about race and culture in the United States. In a triumphant return to Hamilton after his 2017 stint as artist-in-residence, Blount is excited to be back in Two Rivers for a fun, interactive presentation surrounded by wood type.

Julie Chen

Friday Workshop Presenter
Flying Fish Press

Julie Chen is an internationally known book artist who has been publishing limited edition artists’ books under the Flying Fish Press imprint for 30 years. Her work can be found in numerous collections worldwide including the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and the Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland, NZ. In 2009 she was a featured artist in the PBS television series, Craft in America. She is a professor of book art at Mills College in Oakland, California.

Stacked Folio and Leporello: Two simple book structures with no sewing

The stacked folio and leporello are both simple adhesive book structures that are constructed from multiple sheets of paper that are folded in half. Only one side of each sheet is visible in the finished book, making these structures great options for binding together a sequence of digital or letterpress prints. The stacked folio is a codex structure and the leporello is an accordion structure that can be opened out for display. During this 3-hour workshop participants will make a model of each book structure with hard covers.

Chris Harrold

Saturday Breakout Session Presenter
Mohawk Fine Papers

Chris Harrold is VP & Creative Director at Mohawk Fine Papers in Cohoes, NY. In this role, he has responsibility for brand management, strategic market development and creative direction for the company’s product and marketing campaigns. Chris joined Mohawk in 1990, holding several positions from sales to marketing and played a pivotal role establishing Mohawk as a market leader in digital printing. Chris is a Lynda.com author and speaks extensively on the role printing and paper play in design today. He holds an undergraduate degree in Art History from SUNY Oswego and an MFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology College.

Paper is Part of the Picture: Selections from the Strathmore Archive

The Strathmore Archive at Mohawk reflects 125 years of American design history. Starting in the late 19th century, Strathmore embraced the power of design to sell their paper and continued this practice throughout the 20th century. What remains is a collection of nearly 8,000 objects representing a century of American design and style and stands as a reminder that the history of graphic design includes an immense amount of printed ephemera. Even in our digital era, much design remains physical and tactile. Join Chris Harrold from Mohawk who will share a curated selection of artifacts from the Archive and give a brief overview of Strathmore's role in the evolution of American graphic design.

Richard Hopkins

Saturday Breakout Session Presenter
Hill & Dale Private Press and Typefoundry

Former owner (44 years) of a commercial printing firm, Pioneer Press of W. Va., Inc., former associate professor of typography and production, West Virginia University School of Journalism, founder in 1978 of the American Typecasting Fellowship. Editor & publisher of the ATF Newsletter for nearly 40 years. Proprietor of the Hill & Dale Private Press and Typefoundry, established in 1963.

How my Printing Hobby Built my Professional Printing Career

The discipline taught to me by fellow "amateurs" (amateur in the classical description of the word), the counsel and judgment of these people, and the networking with these individuals gave me success over 44 years, operating out of a tiny town in the hills of West Virginia.

Bruce Kennett

Saturday Evening Featured Speaker
Bruce Kennett Studio

Graphic designer, photographer, teacher, and author Bruce Kennett studied calligraphy and book design in Austria with Friedrich Neugebauer and subsequently made the English translation of Neugebauer’s “The Mystic Art of Written Forms.” During the 1980s, he worked at Maine’s renowned Anthoensen Press, and since then has maintained his own studio with clients that have ranged from the Folger Shakespeare Library and the Grolier Club to L.L. Bean and the Mount Washington Observatory; he designs illustrated books and exhibition graphics and makes large photomurals. He has lectured and written about Dwiggins since 1980; his comprehensive illustrated biography, “W. A. Dwiggins: A Life in Design,” was published in 2018 by Letterform Archive. Bruce lives and works in North Conway, in the heart of New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

A. Dwiggins: Pattern and Craft

Dwiggins was already a skilled woodcarver as a child. Once he reached adulthood, he spent decades refining the pattern designs that he used for books, posters, and fabric. He first used carved wooden stamps, then moved onward to stencils made from sheets of celluloid, which offered him far more flexibility of expression. To cut these shapes, he used knives and other tools that he fabricated himself. Bruce's presentation will explore the broad range of these activities, from tiny printed labels and typefaces to murals and theatrical curtains.

Dafi Kühne

Friday Workshop Presenter and Saturday Breakout Session Presenter


Dafi Kühne is a Swiss designer who works with analog and digital techniques to produce fresh and unique letterpress-printed posters. Using very different kinds of tools — from a computer to a pantograph — for his compositions, he pushes the boundaries of design. Never afraid of getting his hands dirty in his creative workshop, Dafi Kühne embraces the labor involved in the entire process of creating a poster, from initial idea to finished product. Fusing modern means with the century-old tradition of letterpress, he forms a new vocabulary for how to communicate through type and form in a truly contemporary way. Not retro, his work is a clever response to the search for new possibilities of graphic expression: true print.

Vinyl Sticker Type - Friday Hands-On Workshop

Using vinyl stickers is an easy and effective way to add extra information to an existing block. Vinyl stickers can be cut, and sticked on solid blocks or even type. The change in surface texture is significant, though the difference in height is only 0.04“ (1/10mm). Dafi Kühne is introducing the participants the technique of using vinyl stickers, building reliefs and changing the surface of blocks. 

The Dafi Kühne Printing Show - Saturday Breakout Session

Dafi Kühne is sharing his most secret printing recipes while Jim Moran is picking his brain: Casting plastic resin type, making magnetic wood type and indirect printing are some of Dafi's secret weapons he uses for his typographic posters. Jim and Dafi will prepare some ‘nouvel cuisine’ dishes! Delicious and crazy!

Claus Maywald

Friday Evening Featured Speaker
Gutenberg Museum Library

Dr. Claus Maywald is the director at the Gutenberg Museum Library in Mainz, Germany. He also serves as curator of Non-European books, document cultures, paper, and the book before Gutenberg. He specializes in the history of bookbinding and early writing.

Bibliophobes: Things and People that Fear Books

Since the beginning of the written word, books and manuscripts have had their enemies. Whether it's water, fire, insects or people, they have been subject to a variety destruction. Claus Maywald will share historical examples of this sometimes intentional and sometimes accidental threat.

Marie Oberkirsch

Saturday Breakout Session Presenter
Central Print

Director, Marie Oberkirsch holds a BFA in Textile Design from the University of Kansas and an MFA in Fiber from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Her understanding of pattern, printing, and weaving, combined with a passion for artifacts, led to an affinity for letterpress printmaking. With an extensive background in non-profit arts and event management Marie is committed to preserving and promoting letterpress printmaking while supporting innovation through education, public programs, and letterpress restoration.

Programming for a Community Print Shop

A community print shop is a local resource committed to serving residents through meaningful programming. Central Print provides programs that encourage self-expression, empowering participants through the experience of printmaking. By partnering with our peers in the community, and being embedded in the neighborhood, we strengthen our impact and reach new audiences. Participate in this discussion on best practices for engaging the community through your printmaking practice.


JP Porter

 Saturday night short topic presenter

Shoot the Moon Productions

You may know JP as the AV Director from the HWT Wayzgoose or SOTA TypeCon. Bill Moran and JP met back way in the early 90's through an AIGA MN Chapter event called "Design Camp". It was there, that we became the bestest of pals. JP has been producing & directing high-end Corporate Business Theatre and Video for almost 35 years. She brings a unique combination of client management skills, production trenches experience, and technical savvy to every project.

She manages multi-million dollar budgets and leads armies of crews for high profile projects with Fortune 500 companies. Cue the flying monkeys! She is champion ballroom carpet shooter, amateur mixologist, collector of all things vintage, and an excellent fire builder.

Applied Color Label (ACL) Soda Bottles - a Collection and Obsession
My love affair with ACL soda bottles began in the late 1980’s with a little monetary gift from my Grandmother, Adelaide. She told me to “buy some stock” and “blue chip stocks are always a good choice”. So I did. I bought some Pepsi stock. To commemorate this purchase, I spotted an ACL Pepsi bottle in an antique store...and that my friends, was the beginning of this journey and obsession with these little gems. From West to East, North to South…thousands of towns across the US had a Soda brand and bottling plant. I’ll give you some history points of the applied color label process, and some other interesting tidbits…but mostly…I want you to sit back, allow me to geek out, and enjoy the pretty picture show.

Jim Sherraden

 Friday night short topic speaker

Jim Sherraden

Jim Sherraden, a native of Kansas, has been a resident of Nashville since 1977. He managed Hatch Show Print beginning in 1984 until 2013, overseeing its transition from a cultural survivor to a widely recognized graphic design icon and destination for letterpress enthusiasts. In 1992, he began creating individual pieces of art called monoprints. These artworks are based on the Hatch archive and are collected by individuals and institutions worldwide. Sherraden returned to carving his own woodcuts in 2005, continuing the work that first led him to Hatch Show Print. Six years later he began creating wooden quilts and then paper quilts the subsequent year.

His quilts have recently been shown at the AD 20/21 Boston Print Fair, Yard Dog Gallery in Austin, Texas and Middle Tennessee State University’s Todd Art Gallery, as well as the Lancaster, PA Letterpress Printers Fair and From Brayer to Brush at the Southern Studies Conference at Auburn University, Montgomery.  He was awarded the 2013 Distinguished Artists Award for the state of Tennessee, the American Advertising Federation Nashville chapters' Silver Medal, its highest honor, and is a recent recipient of the University and College Design Association’s Krider Prize for creativity.

Rick von Holdt & Bill Allan

Friday Workshop Presenters
Foolproof Press
Gaslight-Daze Printery

In 1976 Rick von Holdt traded a gumball machine for a 5"x8" Kelsey press and five cases of type. He soon acquired a proof press and started seeking more type, getting most of his early fonts from typography shops in San Francisco who were getting rid of handset type because phototype had taken over. He originally wondered if he would be lucky enough to fill one cabinet with type. He named his press The Foolproof Press because of his beginnings as a fool with a proof press. He has been printing pretty much as a hobby-only for almost forty years and in that time has managed to accumulate over 2,000 fonts of handset type for his shop. He has also acquired a decent number of presses but still prefers to hand-ink and print on a Poco proof press. He serves as a director at Printers' Hall in Mt. Pleasant, IA and is on the faculty of the Des Moines Art Center, teaching a class in letterpress poster printing once or twice each summer.

In 1950 Bill Allan founded the Island City Press (Alameda, CA). Now known as the Gaslight-Daze Printery and based out of Wisconsin, Bill Allan is dedicated to the art and artifacts of letterpress printing. He is Amalgamated Printers' Association Member #486 and a member of the Printers’ Hall Group/Old Threshers in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.

Printing in Silver Buckle Press

Create a keepsake using the wood and metal type, ornaments, borders and decorators from the Silver Buckles Press collection in this workshop with Bill Allan and Rick von Holdt. We will review the stunning collection and then work together on a co-operative print.