Meander Book with Lead Graffiti

Saturday June 4, June 18, and June 25 11 am CST/12noon EST

Collaborate virtually with Lead Graffiti on a 14 page, 2-color, no-sew / no-glue meander book printed via letterpress.

Lead Graffiti’s Meander Book has been their ultimate, hands-on, in-studio, creative letterpress workshop over 65 times in the past decade.
Now Lead Graffiti’s Ray Nichols & Jill Cypher and the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum team up to present this as an unleaded ONLINE cooperative group workshop. Maintain your design style while upping the technical and creative nuts & bolts that go into basic letterpress printing and simple bookmaking.

Date & Time of Group Zooms: Saturdays, June 4 (intro), June 18 (printing), and June 25 (binding), 2022, starting at 11am CST/12 noon EST

Date & Time of Individual Zoom: one Zoom individual meeting between June 4 and 18 (hand setting form), to be arranged

Workshop Cost: $200 + $25 materials and shipping fee

Experience Level: No experience necessary. Team up with a youngster to bring new blood to letterpress.

After the intro meeting, you’ll have 4 days to produce your design and 2 days to react to our critique. You’ll schedule a time to collaborate 1-on-1 with Lead Graffiti on the lock-up, spread over 4 or 5 days for the whole group. We’ll print during a group Zoom on a Saturday. We’ll mail your book parts (this is the slowest part). A final group Zoom walks you through making the book. And you’ll be done. And you’ll be amazed.

In a large nutshell, here’s the steps to design, handset, print and bind 3 copies of your Meander Book :

  • Get started with a 1-hour introduction Zoom group meeting for a show & tell and Q&A.

  • Using 24+ typefaces scanned from our collection, you’ll design a 4” x 5”, 2-color page using Adobe Illustrator, OR use a printout of the type to cut-&-paste or trace your words.

  • You’ll email the digital file or digital photo of your final design. We will email you a critique complimenting or pushing for a bit more typographic inventiveness. Then we’d like you to give it one more shot and resend your new design.

  • You’ll get a 1-on-1 view from about 6” away of Lead Graffiti hand setting your design. With your input, we’ll finesse any trouble spots while showing you everything we know about setting type in unordinary ways.

  • With all 14 pages handset, we’ll do a 90-minute Zoom group meeting of loading the press, locking up and printing the broadside that makes the Meander Book’s text block, plus the same for the cover.

  • After printing, we’ll mail you the parts to make 3 complete no-sew, no-glue books.

  • A final 90-minute Zoom group meeting takes you through every step to assemble your Meander Books.

  • And now add 2 lines to your resume. One for the educational workshop and one because a copy of the book goes to the Rare Books and Manuscripts Collection at the Library of Congress and Special Collections at the University of Delaware.

For anyone considering this workshop, we highly recommend looking at the “Letterpress Online” 1 - 3 videos on Lead Graffiti’s YouTube channel, For even more workshop details online, search out

The cost is $200 + $25 materials and shipping fee. Space is limited, so reservations are required. Register via button below.

If you have any questions please e-mail us at or call 920-794-6272.

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