Wayzgoose 2013: Wanted the Lost...
by Tracy Honn

19.25" x 25.25" Large Poster

Historically a "wayzgoose" was entertainment given by a master printer to his employees at the end of the summer. It was traditionally done on St. Bartholomew's Day (24 August) to mark the coming seasons in which work was done by candlelight. We have hosted a Wayzgoose for the last 5 years as a conference, which bring attendees from all over the world.

This poster was letterpress printed using hand-set wood type from the Hamilton collection by Tracy Honn of Silver Buckle Press. It features a quote from Benjamin Britten's 'Paul Bunyan', a ‘choral operetta’ that was created on the quintessentially American theme of the legend of the eponymous pioneering lumberjack to a libretto by W. H. Auden. Reproduced by kind permission of Faber Music Ltd, London.

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