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  • Hamilton Open House

    On Sunday, July 22nd, the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum was packing ‘em in.  One hundred and thirteen visitors toured the museum, pulled a print and checked out the world’s largest collection of type.

    Paper pressman’s hats were folded and worn by some. Others wandered into the pressroom to learn a bit of printing. Two presses had been set up for enthusiasts to try. One was a lock up of the state of Wisconsin with Two Rivers and Manitowoc heading the top of a poster. Lock up number two was a composition made up of a myriad of businesses from the two city’s past, including Schroeder Brothers Department Store, Mirro Aluminum, Carron Net Company, Paragon Electric and the Waverly Inn. All the cuts had been donated by Malley Printing, just a block south of the museum. Curious visitors got to crank one color on one press and do an overprint on the second.

    Demonstrations of type cutting were handled by Georgie Brylski Leisch, daughter of Hamilton...


  • Networking at Night


    Last night at the museum we hosted a Two Rivers Business Association 'Networking at Night' program. Many owners and employees from local businesses came to pull prints, learn about Hamilton's history, and see why so many people travel so far to visit our collection. It was a lively and fun evening. Our friend, Jeff Dawson, from the local Lester Public Library, took some wonderful photos of the event that you can see after the jump. Please make sure to check out more photos here on their flickr site.


  • First Thing Today

    This morning blew in like a sauna full of fish, white fish. Lake Michigan simmered like a sea gull soup. The inside of the museum was dank with wilting paper and ink that refused to dry. Even the type was getting sticky and stuffy. Nothing could be kerned but the xxx condensed, the extendeds elbowed each other for space. The latins and romans grumbled from the lower cases and somebody had taken all the furniture. The pressroom slept like a gothic cathedral and some of the tuscans had wandered off. Quotes were tossed about in empty spaces, falling on deaf ears. No key would fit a quoin, the slugs refused to be locked up. Rules had been broken. It was time to turn on the lights.


  • Inaugural post

    There are a lot of exciting things happening at the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum lately. To help everyone keep up with the exciting artists, designers, and groups that come to the museum we will be keeping this blog. We will update it with exciting finds that we uncover as we catalog the collection, unveil new partnerships, and print great posters. All of the staff, Jim Moran, Stephanie Carpenter, and Bill Moran will constantly post photos and information about events at the museum. There will also be guest blog posts that will expand our content and allow our friends to see what else is going on in the wood type and letterpress world.

    Please leave comments. Everyone who comes to the museum or is still planning their trip has wonderful insights and stories. We would love to hear what you have to say.