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  • Unpacking the Enquirer Collection


    As we wander the back warehouse part of the museum, it’s interesting to wonder what it would be like to have a group of bright, hard working individuals to help organize the collection, particularly our largest and most recent addition to the museum, The Enquirer blocks, acquired in 2015 from Cincinnati, Ohio.

    Enter Professors Paul Brown and David Wolske with Indiana University grad student Alexander Landerer along with Jim Sherraden and Bill Moran on June 5.

    The week was spent building pallet racks and turning 6 foot tall stacks of blocks into shelves of cleaned, photographed and numbered plates to be entered into the archives document. The work was tremendous, the discoveries were amazing and the museum’s collection took on a new shape.

    We now know that one leg of “Bertha, the World’s Largest Woman” takes up most of a 40” x 52” block. The “Barrel Rider” is a life size woman standing on a horse carved so intricately it makes...


  • Artist in Residence: Jim Sherraden


    Jim Sherraden, Master Printer and Archivist at Hatch Show Print, is the current Artist in Residence at Hamilton. This three-year appointment started this year. During the Memorial Day weekend he presented to a group from The Society of Typographic Arts at the museum for a workshop, organized and printed with the Enquirer Collection, and helped document portions of the collection.

    Jim Sherraden and Bill Moran printed blocks from an original "Reefer Madness" two sheet. We are thrilled to be working with Jim as we unpack and print with this exciting new collection at the museum.

    The large circus and fair prints at the end of this post are originals from Enquirer Printing. Along with the acquisition of the blocks, the museum is also receiving many original prints. This allows us to look at the original colors and registration. This information greatly enhances how we can use this massive collection.