You can print at Hamilton!

Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum provides members with low-cost workspace in our letterpress print shop facilities. This fully equipped pressroom allows artists to use unique machinery and a plethora of type that most would not have access to otherwise. Museum members receive exclusive access to our 5000 square foot print shop. (Not a member yet? Sign-up today!)

Equipment Available

Two table top board shears
One Vandercook SP 15
One Vandercook 320
One 14.5” x 22.5” sign press
One 25” x 34” sign press
One 28” x 45” sign press
Many cases of wood and metal hand type
One light table
Drying racks
Printer’s furniture, quoins, quoin keys


We charge a $100 for each day in the working space. Printing fee deposits are required in order to be confirmed on the Hamilton pressroom schedule. All deposits are one half of the estimated fees and are non-refundable. Rental fees cover the use of wood type in the pressroom, CMYK and opaque white ink, solvents and rags. Renters must bring and use their own consumable materials, like paper, or other supplies. All printers will be asked to leave a portion of their prints at the museum for Hamilton's archival or sales purposes.

You must have printing experience and we ask for a minimum of one month advance notice.

Contact the museum at to check for studio availability.

Please fill out the Shop Rental Agreement and submit to the museum.

All applicants must fill out a Project Proposal Form in advance of their visit.

And we ask that you read and sign the attached Access Guidelines before your visit.

Thanks, we can't wait to see you!